They Call Me A Christian- Spoken Word

They call me a christian like I’ve been given a prison sentence
Blinded by vision while resenting repentance
Christ hasn’t risen they repeat with persistence
Turning truth to superstition and lies into existence.

They meet love with resistance
And in an instance turn their back on fate
Searching for the difference within a faith that they create
And I’m not saying religion is great
I’m talking forgiveness
Because what man uses to manipulate
Will still point straight to Jesus
And He needs us like we need HIm
His blood on that cross
Was for more than just sin
We were all made for heaven
And He bled, so that we could actually get in

It’s all about Redemption
And we have free will to take it
He died for His creation
Defeating death, because Hes the one that made it
Yet He still humbled himself to face it
Endured more pain then we’ve ever been placed with
So that we can be graced with something bigger
So that we can be delivered.
Entered into those holy pages
to dine with our creator and reside along
The rock of ages.
We’ve underplayed our position
So the average christian is silent
We’ve rewritten the doctrine
And put God on consignment
Just don’t you deny it
Were all in some prison
But what do they get
when they call you a Christian

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