On My Knees -Poem

Photo by Ali Arapoğlu on Pexels.com

When the world tells me I’m broken

And they pull me to my knees

I’ll remain with arms wide open

And  start calling out to thee

When they lie and say I’m fragile

Convince me that I’m weak

I’ll declare before my rivals 

That your strength is all I need

They can strip me of my comfort 

Tie my mouth and blind my eyes

For I don’t thirst nor hunger 

And I’ll forever see you rise 

Lord I am hopeful but I’m hurting 

I hold my faith and bow to you

I’m in pain, but not deserting 

And I’ll do what you call me to

The world takes souls for granted

And this sin sells more than love 

 But I’ll stand by what’s commanded 

And I won’t stop looking up 

Through my trials and temptations

In the depths of my despair

My regrets and hesitation 

I remember that you’re there

I’ll give more than I have gotten

I’ll uplift my enemies 

I am down but not forgotten 

And I belong here on my knees


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