Late-Modernism/ Theological Pluralism

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There are various cultural trends that present challenges for Christianity within the current age of late- modernism. One example of these trends is Theological pluralism. According to Chatraw & Allen, “[theological pluralism] insists that all religious traditions, or at least all major religious traditions , describe the same reality and lead their adherents to the same ultimate destination.” By accepting the view of theological pluralism, one believes, in short, “that all Gods point to the same heaven.” They do not believe nor base their views on doctrine but rather tolerance and acceptance of all religions and deities. The problem with this view is that it is self defeating. While claiming and preaching tolerance, the theological pluralist is actually being intolerant their selves. By claiming that all religions lead to the same place, the theological pluralist is presuming that their perspective trumps that of the faith(s) they claim to speak for. Christians believe that there is only one way to heaven; through Jesus Christ. Jesus himself states that, “no one will come to the Father but through me.” (John 14:16) Theological pluralism, while appearing neutral,  is actually a  direct contradiction to Christianity. As Christians, we see rising cultural trends such as theological pluralism and are often discouraged as it presents a variety of challenges. It is then that we can look at the consistency and coherency of scripture, affirm our faith and dispute cultural trends with kindness and humility.  


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