Judgment Day

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Judgment day is coming for us.

At any given second, maybe even this one, it will come, sweeping in consumed with rage and revenge because us, the world did not live up to our “better than thou” expectations. Most will be sipping their overgrown, over rated, overpriced Starbucks double espressos while messing with their latest greatest thing -provided of course by everyone’s favorite fruit. Or something like that. That’s when it will hit us. Shocking and shaking what we all know to be existence. Billowing in unexpected and leaving us unprepared and unable to undo anything! Leaving unanswered questions, untold truths, and unrevealed love.

We are unaware of this day.

We all know it exists, lurking and hiding in every shadow as we drain and strain our minds trying to figure out our real purpose in this so called utopia. We’re reminded of reality only in the form of hurt, hunger and heartache. You see it behind every twisted smile, every perverted eye and every move directed the wrong way. There are a lot of moves directed the wrong way. Can you feel it, because I can? There’s a thickness to the air, an unsettled earth, the sky is falling my friends. Judgment day is coming.

Where will you be when it happens?

Will you be catering to the world as everyone does, regretting and resenting yourself for what you never truly accomplished? Unprepared and scared because you know the truth is right around the corner yet remain oblivious to what that truth actually is. Will you cower, hide, ashamed of what you have been and what you never again will be? Will you make excuses for yourself, be destroyed by the inevitable, play “ruined by society”? Rejecting every self-inflicted contradiction that only you yourself could create?

Where will you be?

Will you be sitting on the peak of life, tottering back and forth, waiting for that strong gust of wind to blow you one way or the other? Knowing not the direction in which you will fall nor what greats you at the bottom when you get there… remaining blind and oblivious to your fate. Will you be concerned for your future, terrified because the end really has happened and you have no clue where to go and no idea how to get there? Yet you so arrogantly persist, never even considering that maybe, just maybe you were completely wrong.

What will happen when you’re wrong?

What will happen when the streets no longer carry color? What will happen when the sun goes away because it no longer serves an earth that’s represented by lust and greed and prideful for it? When the earth and the sky collide what will happen to you? You that created the lust, you that fuel your greed as often as you fuel your tank. You that provided hurt, hunger, and heartache.

You that remain oblivious to your fate.

Judgment day will come. It will bring with it fire and chaos and pain. What’s left of the world will be dark and full of sorrow. The air will be harsh and cold, and all remaining souls will become the same.

I’m sorry if you have to see it.

Because as for me, I’m going home.

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