The Deity of Christ

There are a variety of different views regarding Christ and his deity. Etzel & Small point out in their book, Everyday Theology that, “Some believe Jesus was simply a great teacher whose words provide wisdom to live by. Others consider him to be a revolutionary leader who turned the world upside down. A few suggest he never even lived, and still others consider him to be God incarnate.” As Christians, we believe that Jesus Christ was God himself incarnate however, not all seem to agree with this view. An example of this is in modern day Judaism. Judaism attests to the existence of Jesus however, as Etzel & Small state; “considers Jesus to be a good teacher at best, and a false prophet at worst, but certainly not God.” According to Judaism, Jesus never became the Messiah that the Old Testament scripture prophesied about and therefore was not divine. The concept of Jesus as God fundamentally conflicts with the Jewish belief. Jews do not believe that Jesus was the son of God, they do not believe that He is, or ever was, holy, and they certainly do not believe in the Trinity or deity of Christ.

Contrary to these views, the deity of Christ is evident throughout scripture. Jesus’s actions point to his divinity as does his resurrection. Not only did the miracles Jesus performed attest to his deity, the way he interacted with the world did as well. His actions, reactions, and authority throughout scripture clearly point to Jesus being divine. Jesus forgave sins, claimed power over death, and healed on the Sabbath proving that he himself was not simply a man. Erickson points out in his book, Introducing Christian Doctrine that, “[Jesus’s] claims would be inappropriate if made by someone who is less than God.” Jesus’s actions while on earth established his holiness and deity to the point that his disciples and countless others died and still die today in its defense.   

Furthermore, the resurrection serves as another powerful example attesting to the deity of Christ. Jesus declared that he would be crucified and raised on the third day. Jesus knew what was going to happen, and it did. Three days later, the stone was rolled away, and the grave was empty. Jesus was raised from dead proving that he alone had dominion over life and death. There were multiple witnesses to this event with consistent, recorded accounts deeming the resources reliable. Erickson states, “We therefore have adequate evidence to establish the historicity of the resurrection, which is proof in itself of Jesus’s deity.”

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