Human Needs & Evangelism

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Meeting human needs and evangelism runs hand in hand. One cannot profess the compassion of God and not show compassion. You cannot tell of the Lord’s grace without showing grace. You cannot proclaim that Jesus is what someone needs without showing them that their needs will be met. The Lord uses his followers as a tool to express, connect, and do his great works on this earth, part of that is meeting the needs of others to show his grace for all.

Jesus exemplified meeting others needs throughout his ministry. A great example of this is when Jesus fed the multitudes with what my pastor calls, “one kids lunchable” in Matthew Chapter 15. The people were hungry, and Jesus gave them what they needed, not only to show his power, but also to reveal the love that the Lord has for His people. We can integrate this in our own lives in many ways. Just by simply giving what we can, to those who may need it and appreciate it more than we do. You never know what God will do. For example: Giving money to the homeless or working in a shelter. You do not need to be standing on a pulpit to effectively spread the gospel. Simply give a dollar or hand out food followed by a “God Bless You” and let the Lord do the rest. Kindness goes a long way, especially when you slide in what fuels it. The Lord has the power to change hearts, all we can do is try our best to meet the same needs that Jesus met for us.


  1. The wrong chapter my friend. It was the feeding of the 4000 found in Matthew 15:32-the end of the chapter. The feeding of the 5000 occurs in Mark 6:30-44 and Luke 9:10-17. Nevertheless, I agree with you that Christians start having to think differently. We need to start going out there to help with others physical, emotional, mental needs before we can hit them with the onslaught of the Gospel. However, you mention the Almighty’s name before your through with that particular endeavor. 😇

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