Amazing Sounds

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I can’t ever hear Amazing Grace,
and make a sweeter sound
Make a meal fit for Your taste
or embrace what some call profound

I wont ever comprehend Your glory
or say that I will no longer sin
I confess I don’t know every story
and still fight my demons within

I don’t seek You with every struggle
Im content in my comfort zone
I still live inside this little bubble
but I am Yours and Yours alone

Im still tempted by my passions
and I get lost within myself
I still search for satisfaction
and weigh that out with wealth

I can’t sing Your hymns on tune
or paint justice to Your face
see the outcome or even assume
but in You I find my place

I wont ever surpass my purpose
and I will fail time after time
I will wonder if life’s really worth it
and half way, want to rewind

I don’t read the Bible much
and my favorite music isnt gospel
I still lie, I envy and lust
but God still does the impossible

I know that I cant do a lot of things
and Im still far from sanctified
No, Amazing Grace I cant sweetly sing
but in Heaven, I can say i tried

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